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October Giveaway: Win a Copy of sWitch!

We’ve got five signed early printings sitting around the office here and I think they belong in five pairs of hands. They’re the larger size (6 x 9) but big is beautiful, right? And there’s more Barbara on the back for your wicked pleasure.

Winning is super easy: LIKE our sWitch Facebook Page and then link us to something dark, twisted and cool on the sWitch wall. If you need ideas, head over to the sWitch blog for dozens of them. Those who post the sWitchiest five images each get a book.

We at YHP&P are hoping our latest project, a film adaptation of HorrorCon, will help us produce more sWitchable projects, maybe even a film adaptation of its own. HorrorCon is very close to being completed and we’re very excited about it. Screening dates are literally just around the corner. And if you dig that t-shirt I’m wearing, go to our Zazzle page and grab one. There are plenty of other styles and designs to choose from, too. All proceeds go to getting the film out there where you can see it.

So stay twisted, folks, and let’s see those pictures!