yellow horse productions and publishing

What We Do

Yellow Horse Productions and Publishing was created to advance fresh and innovative ideas on bringing a particular brand of creative properties to the commercial marketplace. We band together writers, animators, filmmakers, photographers and various other artists to collaborate on special projects, and at the same time build a recognized, professional platform from which to promote and sell our work. As we grow as respected artists in our respective fields, so grows the company and vice versa.

Our specialty is high quality fiction in all mediums that expresses both the salty and sweet, the dark and the light, the scary and the serene. YHP&P embraces edgier fare with a high-minded heart. We’re not afraid to be transgressive or transcendent, and our products will challenge in ways that highlights the beauty inside the truth.

YHP&P also hosts a variety of creative services such as web and book cover design, manuscript editing, scriptwriting, screenplay critique and coverage, music and video production, and professional, high-end photography. We’re eager to develop and polish those projects that suit our distinct imprint and help take them to market. Our range of influence grows everyday through an extensive knowledge of traditional and electronic marketing techniques that includes social and on-site networking. We never stop trying to bring our brand to the frontier edge of new media.

As Internet and digital technology continue to envelop all facets of popular entertainment, current business models are being questioned, reworked, and retooled. For those of us who are finding it difficult to break through with our delightfully off-center creations, now is the time to make our unconventional thinking work to our benefit.

In the end, it’s all about quality, imagination and integrity–where in every case, the work speaks for itself.