yellow horse productions and publishing

Scott Norton

Scott’s Big Kahuna here at Yellow Horse. A graduate of Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications, he majored in television and film writing and minored in Elizabethan drama before entering the family marketing business where he wrote industrial scripts and ad copy. In this time he learned a great deal about people, and the importance of an office that overlooks a low roof. Happiness, he’s been know to say, is often a handy escape route.

Fifteen years ago he started Yellow Horse as a film and video production company, creating a variety of promotional and educational videos centering around the entertainment industry, and has since branched out into publishing high quality fiction in its myriad forms, from books to screenplays to animation.

An accomplished musician, Scott performs high energy rock and roll with his band Surrounded by Idiots, and gives the occasional acoustic performance to beach patrons at the Jersey Shore. Scott is also our Author in Residence.